• Talent idea
      Adhere to the principle of "respecting human values, developing human potential and subliming people's minds", and create a well organized organization.
    • Educating people
      We should pay attention to the improvement of employee's ability, the cultivation of emotion and the molding of moral character, so that they can develop comprehensively, continuously and healthfully.
    • View of selection
      Both ability and integrity, both internal and external; appoint people to be wise, fair competition.
    • View of man
      No doubt, no doubt.
    • Keep people
      Expand the space of staff development, protect and improve the economic benefits of employees; mainly use treatment, career and affection to keep people.


    • Number of recruiters:10
    • Work nature:recruit
    • Hands-on background:recruitrecruit
    • Working place:HEBEI
    • Educational requirements:high school
    • Salary treatment:La contratación de personal
    • Release date:2018-06-09 11:00:24
    • Closing date:2019-06-09
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